Blakes Chartered Surveyors – Representing our Clients against some of the largest ground rent investors in the UK

By January 15, 2016Blog, Uncategorized

Our lease extension surveyors have acted successfully against an ever expanding list of freeholders in the UK. The majority of our statutory lease extension cases are settled upon an amicable basis without the need for a Tribunal hearing but where this is inevitable, we have achieved a very successful outcomes on behalf of our client base.

If you have a difficult freeholder or one which will not discuss your lease extension with you on an informal basis, call us so that we can advise you on the most efficient way forward. Below is a list of freeholders we have represented our clients against.


Abacona Investments Limited Leyton Properties Limited
Abbotswood Limited Liberty Property Management Limited
Acecrown Property Developers Limited Liberty Property Management Limited
Actionleague Limited Linkproud Limited
Adar International Investments Limited London & Provincial Consolidated Investments Limited
Alan Mattey Long Term Reversions Limited
Alexander Wadham-Corn (Development Co.) Limited M & JS Properties Limited
Arklodge Limited Marshlease Limited
Asda Properties Limited Maxiwood Limited
Assethold Limited Mayfair Leasehold Properties Limited
Ault Investments Limited Metropolitan Properties Co (FGC) Limited
Avenir Property Company Limited Metropolitan Realizations Limited
Baldry Son & Chandler Limited Metropolitan Realizations Limited
Barnstaple Estate Investments Limited Michael Howard Lawson
Bath and North East Somerset Council Milesahead Properties Limited
Bernard Construction Limited Millgate Developments Limited
BLR – Basicland Registrars Mint Property Management Limited
BPT (Bradford Property Trust) Limited Montague Alan LimitedMountview Estates Plc
Bracknell Forest CouncilBrickfield Properties Narvo Impex Limited
Brinor Investments Limited Nelson Property Investments Limited
Broadridge Limited Netpex Services Limited
Bull Construction Limited Newservice Limited
Bullion Properties Limited North Central Developments Limited
Burney Reality Limited Northumberland & Durham Property Trust Limited
Cadogan Estates Limited OM Properties
Camaco Properties Limited OM Properties Limited
Cambridge Road Investments Limited Omonville Properties Limited
Camden Court Management Limited Orchidbase Limited
Capital & District Properties Limited Ozzygate Limited
Cavernlodge Limited Pemco Investment Trust Limited
CH Chesterford Limited Pemco Investment Trust Limited
CH Chesterford Limited Peverel OM Limited
City and Country Properties Limited Peveril OM Limited
City and Country Properties Limited Phyllis Trading Limited
Cobstar Limited Pier Management
Contactreal Limited Placidi Limited
Cormorant limited Plainworth Limited
Crown Estate Commissioners Primeview Developments Limited
D J J Estates Limited Priority Estate Management  Limited
Daejan Estates Limited Proudale Limited
Daejan Properties Limited Quadrant Property Management Ltd
David Glass & Associates (DGA) Quadron Investments Limited
Daws Investments Limited Queens Lodge Limited
Deftbrent Limited Queensville Properties Limited
Denetower Limited R.A. Creamer & Son Limited
Denetower Limited Raj Properties Limited
Dexite Company Limited Raleigh Close Investments Limited
DGA PLC Rayners Property Management
Distinctfine Limited Redrow Homes Limited
Dorrington (Knightsbridge) Properties Limited Regis Group (Barclays) Freeholds Limited
Eagerstates Limited Regisport Limited
Earl of Plymouth Estates Limited Regisport PLC
Earnsdale Properties Limited Reston Limited
Elliott Land Company Limited RMG – Residental Management Group Limited
Ennersdale Investments Limited Rosekey Limited
Ernle Estates Limited Rosemead Nominees Limited
Escalus Properties Limited Rosemead Nominees Limited
Estate Acquisition & Development Limited Safeland (Ground Rents) Limited
Estates & Management Limited Sagitus Limited
Fable Estates Limited Sanctuary Housing Association
Fairfield Rents Limited Sarum Properties Limited
Finalbrief Limited Sarum Trustees Limited
Finalbrief Limited Saxony Development Company Corp
Freehold Management (Traders) Limited Shenstone Properties Limited
Freehold Portfolios (GR) Limited Shortlift Limited
Freehold Securities LimitedFreshwater Plc Sidewalk Properties Limited
G & O Estates Limited Simmons Gainsford Services Limited
G & O Properties (London) Limited Sinclair Gardens Investments (Kensington) Limited
G & O Real Estate Limited SMG Management Co Limited
Gatehouse Limited Solitaire Property Management Limited
George Jamieson Limited Southern Land Securities Limited
Gracewell Properties Limited Stadium Housing Association Limited
Grangeward Limited Staimon Securities Limited
Grayshott Investments Limited Stefos Estates Limited
Great Dock Properties Limited Stonefield Estates Limited
Grosvenor (Mayfair) Estate Swanlane Estates Limited
Grosvenor (Mayfair) Estate Target Performance Limited
Grosvenor West End Properties Taylor Woodrow Holdings Limited
Grosvenor West End Properties Tepador Properties Limited
Ground Rents (Regisport) Limited Tesco Blue (Nominee 1) Limited
Guaranteed Investments Limited Tesco Blue (Nominee 2) Limited
H & D Property Services Limited Tesco Property Holdings Limited
Hamilton King Management Limited The Baron Homes Corporation Limited
Haynes (Holding) Company Limited The Commissioners for the Exhibition of 1851
Headline Developments Limited The Common Estate Limited
Highcharm Limited The Halliard Property Co Limited
Highdorn Co Limited The Hamiltons No 1 Residents Company Limited
Hillary Estates Limited The Hampstead Garden Suburb Trust Limited
Hinton Landholdings Ltd The London Diocesan Fund
Holding And Management (Solitaire) Limited The Mayor & Burgess of the London Borough of Haringey
Holmwell Properties Limited The Mayor & Burgess of the London Borough of Lewisham
Howard De Walden Estates Limited The Mayor and Burgess of The London Borough of Camden
Imberhorne Investments Limited Topland Investments Mayfair Limited
J J & E L Developments Limited Triplerose Limited
JH Watson Property Investment Limited Tulsesense Limited
Jonathan Dewan Developments Limited Tyrrel Investments Inc
Joyful Investments Limited Urbanpoint Property Management Limited
Julex Limited V & J Investments Limited
Kentwood House Developments Limited Vectis Property Company Limited
Kittyco Limited Vereker Property Company Limited
KLJ Limited Vermont Street Flats Management Limited
Knighthouse Limited Voteglen Limited
Kolup Investments Limited W.J. Martson & Son Limited
Kolup Investments Limited Waterglen Limited
Laing Homes Limited Waverley Realty Limited
Lakeside Developments Limited Wellcastle Limited
Lakeside Developments Limited Wenghold Limited
Lambournes Surveyors Limited Wenghold Limited
Landshea Estates Limited Westleigh Properties Limited
LCP Securities Limited Wingdawn Property Company Limited
Leanne Mattey Wynbay Limited
Mattey Group Zambra Investments Limited