Leasehold Reform News: Tribunal fees for enfranchisement cases introduced

By July 14, 2016Blog, News

Ongoing discussions about the introduction of tribunal fees for applications to the First-tier Tribunal in enfranchisement matters have been taking place lately which had led to an initial proposed fee of £2000 per case. After lengthy debate and discussion and the intervention of other ALEP colleagues the fees have been reduced to much more reasonable sums. These will be £100 on making the application and £200 when the tribunal lists the matter for hearing and a date is set.

It is however likely that that the fees will be revised again in the future to reflect the value of the subject of the case.

Whilst HMCTS needs to recover the costs of its operations in part from its users, we are happy to see that the fees have been set at a level that will not dissuade applicants and so while applicants may not avoid the prospect of paying those fees, the new arrangements are much better than they might have otherwise been.

If you are involved in a case and are going to need to apply to protect your claim or otherwise, it may be worth doing so before this date to avoid the said fees.

Blakes Chartered Surveyors act on behalf of both landlords and tenant in leasehold enfranchisement matters and whilst we prefer to negotiate amicable settlements wherever possible, we have a successful track record in cases heard before the First Tier Tribunal.

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